About Us

About Us

As our name suggests we are a directional drilling, excavation and trenching company however, our capabilities are much broader.

We specialise in the installation of underground utilities whilst having the capacity to use various methods including directional drilling, open cut trenching and hydro excavation. This allows us to deliver our services to a range of projects.

Drillxx prides itself on not only operating the best equipment but also using the best systems whether it be safety, health, environment, management or people. This enables us to consistently deliver the highest quality service to all our clients irrespective of their size or location.

Our focus is to constantly exceed our client’s expectations through working better, safer, and more efficient than our competitors. The aim of Drillxx is to retain and expand our customer base providing clients with a continuously improving service related to their specific requirements.

We pride ourselves in taking the utmost care to deliver the best job in the quickest possible time. We plan well and use appropriate methods and equipment required for each task set to us.

The company’s emphasis is to supply excellence, performance and safety to position ourselves to become innovative leaders, where we achieve the most cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Servicing the South West Region and surrounds our team are highly trained and competent with a vast understanding of the industry and knowledge of the local areas.